Zeolite Powder Reviews

Zeolite Powder Reviews


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Clinoptilolite Zeolite Powder

Clinoptilolite Zeolite Powder is one of nature’s most power natural detox agents known to man. Zeolite crystals are formed when a volcano erupts and spews mineral ash and lava into the cooler salt water below. It creates an alkaline honeycomb like zeolite structure that has health benefits unlike any other natural mineral. This pure zeolite is then processed for different purposes. It is used for environmental cleanups, heavy odor control and to energize soils.


When it is micronized (ground to it’s most elemental level, it has enormous health and healing benefits to the human (and animal) body. There are different types of natural zeolites, but for health purposes choose only the pharmaceutical grade micronized zeolite pure formulation. These zeolit particles are negatively charged (toxins, heavy metals, cancers, viruses are positively charged) so then naturally draw positively charged and invasive toxins and disease causing pathogens into it’s honeycomb structure and keeps them there. They are then discharged from your body naturally through normal elimination.


If you only have one natural healing supplement in your medicine chest, this is what you should have hands down.


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Zeolite Uses

Zeolite Uses and Benefits

  • Eliminates Radiation Poisoning (x-rays, security scanners, nuclear)
  • Traps and Removes Heavy Metals, Including Mercury, Lead & Aluminum
  • Flushes Environmental Toxins (smoke, cell phone radiation , chemicals, pesticides)
  • Stops Cancerous Tumors, Viruses and Parasites (smothers and starves them)
  • Removes Mycotoxins (mold and fungus spores) 
  • Helps Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, MS, Morgellons and many “mystery” Diseases
  • Beneficial for Diabetes Mellitus, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, IBS and other chronic condition
  • Natural Immunity Booster (makes invaders visible and supercharges your immune system)
  • Healing Alkaline Effect on the body (alkaline effect on body)


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Zeolites Detox

The Zeolites Detox is the most powerful detox you can do. It removes many layers of poisons stuck in your fat cells, organs, brain and joints. We are being exposed to many harmful chemicals daily and zeolites can detox them safely from your body. Toxic fluoride is added to toothpaste, drinking water (even for children) and yet it is a highly noxious poison. Radiation is contaminating our oceans, seafood, and drinking water as well. EMF radiation from cell phones, WiFi devices and Smart Meters is filling our bodies with radiation that is harming our DNA, and immune system.


It is even a natural anti-viral protector. Viruses become active when your body is in a acidic state (stress, taking in toxins, and lowered immune system) and they take over, and can it can be lethal if you’re not strong enough. A zeolite detox can stop them cold! And it also stops cancers from spreading and starves them out.


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Zeolite Cancer

Zeolite Powder rips off the protection from cancer tumors and viruses outer layers, and charges your immune system so it can stop them cold, like it was meant to do. Anything with a positive charge (aggressive viruses and cancers have this charge) is naturally drawn into the zeolite structure by it’s negative charge, kind of like how one pole of a magnet attracts the other. The invading pathogen becomes trapped and is starved, and then shed from the body safely.


This has been tested with a special combination of Powdered Zeolite and Humic Acid, a formula known as Zeolite-AV. Dr Howard Peiper – a Pulitzer prize winning author, endorses using micronized powdered zeolites because of their powerful natural anti-viral and anti-cancer trapping effects. Watch a short video below on how zeolite traps and removes toxins:



Zeolite is highly effective against a multitude of viruses, such as cold and flu viruses, Herpes, HPV, Hepatitis, HIV and more. This is one of the natural substances that the pharmaceutical (drug) companies hope you’ll never find out about!


Zeolite Pure

Zeolite Pure Powder is a pharmaceutical grade, highly micronized zeolite powder made exclusively for human (and pet) detox. Garden of Eden’s Zeolite Powder the most economical form and is odorless, and flavorless and you can add it in any beverage or food. I recommend you get the Zeolite with EDTA formula (available in capsules and powder) because they work very well together for superior detox and natural immune system boosting.


Liquid Zeolite is good when you’re on the go because you can easily take it with you and add drops to your water (to make sure it’s safe). You can also do that with powdered zeolite, you would just have to shake it well.  All ingredients are listed by the FDA as Generally Recognized as Safe.


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Zeolite Reviews

See the Zeolite Reviews. Don’t take our word for it! People are being completely healed from serious conditions and keeping their bodies healthy by using micronized zeolite pure powder. It has helped people be free from cancer, heavy metal poisoning and viral infections, permanently! Discover how people who needed to detox from severe conditions did it – and quickly:

“I have been using this for about 7 weeks, and I have never felt better in my life. I am 48 and I feel better than I did at 20. Thank you so much for this product.”

Donna Mattingly

I have been taking Zeolite for just under a month now. I’m seeing a big difference in my energy, digestion and general well being. I am a cancer survivor and strive to maintain by immune system through acupuncture, vitamins and herbs. Zeolite was just the thing to add to my regimen. Thanks.

Robin T. Field

This is the first time I have tried Zeolite (I have a myriad of health problems) and from the first day of taking it I feel it is working to pull heavy metals and toxins from my system. During the past two weeks since starting taking it I believe I went through a sort of healing crisis and the pain in my left pelvis which I’d been experiencing for several months intensified after taking Zeolite until finally after only two week some bleeding occurred and a 3cm hard lump was produced, what I suspect was a uterine tumor which I am planning to take to my doctor for analysis.

The pelvic pain of several months has completely subsided and I am in total shock at what has happened. I have kept an excellent diet the last several months trying to get my immune and nervous system out of danger, my doctors have been of no use at all, my craniosacral therapist has helped me hugely, but the key to the burden of toxicity my body has built up is Zeolite. I bought Zeolite to help with my mercury detoxing after my therapist recommended it, but what I have found is a powerful natural wide ranging detox agent. My advice to anyone with chronic health problems: 1)seek a really good therapist, 2)get your diet right, mostly raw, organic, natural supplements, 3)detoxify using green supplements and ZEOLITE 4)exercise.

Maha Aldoujaily


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Where to Buy Zeolite

Where to Buy Zeolite Pure? If you live in California, then Click Here, as zeolite powders can’t be shipped to California addresses. The best place to buy zeolite pure is from the main U.S. Supplier as you are sure to get the highest pharmaceutical grade zeolite powder on the planet. It is tested to make sure the heavy metals it attracts naturally are cleaned and primed so it will have maximum absorption and bioavailability for your body. Here are the best pharmaceutical grade pure zeolite powders, and their costs.


Zeolite Powder Size Price Shipping Cost Price Per Gram
zeolite detox 440 Grams $59.99 $13.75 .17 Cents Per Gram
zeolite powder 600 Grams $34.18 $0.00 .06 Cents Per Gram


Click on the Zeolite Pure or Garden of Life Zeolite bottles above for more information or to order it. Now, I have tried both and they both give similar results, but since the Garden of Life zeolite powder is about 3 times less expensive after shipping, it is my go to zeolite powder now. You can buy zeolite and protect your health and that of your family and loved ones against the onslaught of viruses, toxins, radiation and harmful substances that we are forced to encounter on a daily basis.


Pure Zeolite Powder Benefits

  • Zeolite Powder removes heavy metals from the body
  • Removes radioactive materials from the body (cesium, plutonium and uranium are heavy metals)
  • Used to eliminate radiation in Chernobyl and now by the Japanese Nuclear Commission
  • Disables Viruses (Ebola, Nora Virus, HIV, HPV, H1N1, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, and many others)
  • Improves immune system, removes toxins and revitalizes the body
  • Effective against many cancers too 
  • Alkalizes the body (pathogens can’t live in a balanced PH environment)